Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rep. Jason Grill Welcomes Parkville Students to State Capitol

Jefferson City – Two students interested in state government made their way to Jefferson City this week to spend time with Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville and learn more about the legislative process. Conner Blinzler, 12, and Madison Blinzler, 9, traveled to the State Capitol with their grandparents on May 8.

Conner and Madison spent time with Rep. Grill and his legislator assistant, Kay, during their day-long visit. During their time at the Capitol they toured the building, visited the Whispering Gallery and observed the Missouri House in legislative session.

“I was so impressed by both Conner and Madison as they were so well-behaved the entire time here and had a genuine interest in what we do here in the State Capitol,” said Rep. Grill.

“Conner let me know he plans to be President some day and, after seeing the way he was dressed in a collard shirt and tie and hearing some of his questions about the legislative process, I have little doubt he will make an outstanding policy maker and leader in the future. I was fortunate to meet both of these outstanding young people and I look forward to seeing the accomplishments they are sure to achieve in the future.”