Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Book Released: "The Recovering Politician's Twelve Step Program to Survive Crisis" - Jason Grill Co-Author

I have co-authored a new book. I have written the afterword in a new book that has been released today, June 4th on Amazon. The kindle edition is 99 CENTS for a limited time and the paperback version is $9.99. I think you will enjoy the stories and advice that are applicable in business, finance, politics, religion, non-profits and even personal lives. Thanks for checking it out and purchasing! Have a great day. 


Update: I am very happy to report as of 4:40 pm CST the book ranked in these places on Amazon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Check out my NEW story up at THE HUFFINGTON POST - "How Three U.S. Presidents Reacted to Adversity and the Media"

Check out my NEW story up at THE HUFFINGTON POST...

"How Three U.S. Presidents Reacted to Adversity and the Media"

PREVIEW: Throughout history many politicians and elected officials have dealt with being baited by their adversaries and the media in very different ways. Some have allowed them to dominate their mindset and hold them back on what they were trying to accomplish, while others have kept their head down and remained cool. Some have empowered them through unnecessary or unthoughtful responses and lost their temper, while others have taken the high ground, stayed away from petty tit-for-tat and remained focused. Those that have seen the bigger picture, kept their head about them and invoked a sense of humor in the right instances have always ended up in a stronger position....

In the piece, I focus on President's Andrew Jackson, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan.

CHECK IT OUT!  If you like politics, history, public relations, crisis management, media, conflict management, stories of adversity and facing your adversaries I think you will enjoy.