Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rep. Grill's persistance and bipartisan approach leads to passage of his HB 933 language

Jefferson City-Rep. Grill's sponsored House Bill 933, might have met its end in the Senate because of the partisanship of the Mohela debate, however the pertinant language of this legislation will become law.

Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville, worked with House handler of Senate Bill 82 and General Laws Committee Chairman, Steven Tilley, R-Perryville, to get language that will help those in the miliary and their families. Rep. Grill offered House Amendment 12 to Senate Bill 82 on the House Floor. This amendment states that an application for a driver’s license or renewal would be sufficient when signed by person who holds a general power of attorney executed by the currently deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Rep. Grill's sponsored language stayed in the Senate Bill through the House/Senate Conference Committee and on May 25th, the bill was signed by the President of the Senate.

"I am very excited that HB 933 language will become law in Missouri," said Rep. Grill. "I appreciate the General Laws Committee Chairman for working across the aisle to do the right thing to help the brave men and women who are serving our country overseas.”

Rep. Grill Helps Gain House Approval of Senate Bill to Help Military Members

Jefferson City – Despite his status as a first-year legislator and a member of the minority party, Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville, helped gain approval of legislation that would make it easier for deployed Missourians to renew a driver’s license. Rep. Grill was the handler of Senate Bill 666 that was approved in the House by a vote of 158-0. The bill, sponsored by Republican Senator Delbert Scott, R-Lowry City, contains language identical to that contained in Rep. Grill’s own bill (HB933)

“It was an honor to have the opportunity to handle this bill in the House and I appreciate everything Rep. David Day, R-Dixon, (Chair of the House Veterans Committee) did to help me with this process,” said Rep. Grill. “I am delighted the majority party gave me the chance to lead the effort in passing this issue. It has been an incredible experience for me as a first-year legislator and I am excited we have the chance to help the brave men and women who are serving our country overseas.”

Both SB 666 and HB 933 state that an application for a driver’s license or renewal would be sufficient when signed by person who holds a general power of attorney executed by the currently deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces. SB 666 has additional language that allows certain licensed professionals to renew a license expiring while they are serving in the military, within 60 days from completing their service.

During the process in the House, SB 666 had one amendment added to it that would allow a military veteran to submit his or her certificate of release or discharge from active duty, noting honorable discharge, as proof of lawful presence for the purpose of obtaining a driver's or nondriver's license.

SB 666 was never brought up for final approval on the Senate floor by Senate Majority Floor Leader Charlie Shields.

Rep. Jason Grill Attaches His Stay-At-Home Parent Tax Credit Proposal to Senate Tax Legislation

Jefferson City – As the 2007 legislative session came to a close, Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville, worked diligently to ensure that his tax credit for stay-at-home parents was enacted into law. He attached the legislation, originally sponsored by Rep. Grill in the form of HB 932, to a piece of Senate legislation (SB 582) approved by the House. Unfortunately, SB 582 died in the House and Senate Conference Committee as lawmakers between the two bodies could not agree on their differences.

Rep. Grill’s plan would have helped parents who want to take a more active role in parenting by authorizing a significant tax credit for those who stay at home to raise their children. Specifically, the legislation would authorize the Motherhood/Fatherhood Stay-At-Home Tax Credit for a parent who stays at home to provide care for a child up to 24 months of age. Any parent who was employed before the birth or adoption of a child whose annual salary was less than $100,000 would be eligible for a tax credit equal to 25 percent of their salary in the year before choosing to become a stay-at-home parent. The annual cumulative amount of the credits issued could not exceed $2 million.

“I worked very hard to try and get this legislation passed as many ways as possible near the end of the 2007 regular session because I believe we owe it to the parents of this state to give them the financial support they need to be able to stay at home and effectively parent their children,” said Rep. Grill. “My legislation received unanimous support in the committee process and overwhelming approval as an amendment to the Senate legislation, which bodes well for its chances in the 2008 legislative session."

Rep. Jason Grill Welcomes Parkville Students to State Capitol

Jefferson City – Two students interested in state government made their way to Jefferson City this week to spend time with Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville and learn more about the legislative process. Conner Blinzler, 12, and Madison Blinzler, 9, traveled to the State Capitol with their grandparents on May 8.

Conner and Madison spent time with Rep. Grill and his legislator assistant, Kay, during their day-long visit. During their time at the Capitol they toured the building, visited the Whispering Gallery and observed the Missouri House in legislative session.

“I was so impressed by both Conner and Madison as they were so well-behaved the entire time here and had a genuine interest in what we do here in the State Capitol,” said Rep. Grill.

“Conner let me know he plans to be President some day and, after seeing the way he was dressed in a collard shirt and tie and hearing some of his questions about the legislative process, I have little doubt he will make an outstanding policy maker and leader in the future. I was fortunate to meet both of these outstanding young people and I look forward to seeing the accomplishments they are sure to achieve in the future.”