Friday, April 27, 2007

Rep. Grill’s Legislation to Streamline Driver’s License Renewal Process for Deployed Military Nears Final Steps of Legislative Process

Jefferson City – Legislation sponsored by Rep. Jason Grill, D-Parkville, that would make it easier for deployed Missourians to renew a driver’s license has taken another step closer to final approval by both chambers. Rep. Grill’s bill (HB933), which received unanimous approval in the House and in the Senate Transportation Committee. In the House, Rep. Grill will soon bring to the floor for debate the Senate legislation (SB 666) that contains language identical to that contained in his House bill.

The two bills state that an application for a driver’s license or renewal would be sufficient when signed by person who holds a general power of attorney executed by the currently deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces. SB 666 has additional language that allows certain licensed professionals to renew a license expiring while they are serving in the military, within 60 days from completing their service.

“Having the language in both bills helps ensure we will get this passed and signed into law this year. I am excited to have the opportunity to handle the Republican sponsored Senate Bill in the House and to help guide it through the final steps of the process,” said Rep. Grill. "I have always believed that it does not matter if an idea come from a Republican or a Democrat as long as it is good for the citizens of Missouri." “This can help eliminate an unnecessary burden for our deployed military personnel who are selflessly serving our country. It’s the right thing to do and I am overjoyed by the support I have had from both parties all throughout this process.”

If either piece of legislation is approved it will then be sent to the Governor’s desk where it will be signed into law.